Vijay Sehgal

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I am Software Developer

These are a few of my projects. Open up for repo and live version!

nicasiaAllows Registration, Login, Generic Class Based CRUD, Change Profile, Pagination etc. Github link includedGithub RepoCheck it live
nicasiaThis let's you upload, store, and play all of your music from the cloud. You can now manage and listen to your music from any device, anywhere in the world.Github Repo
nicasiaThis is the weather application built in django which uses openweathermap API for providing weather based on the parameters you need like temperature, city logo, city name, etc.Github Repo
nicasiaPython script to automate sending messages using python from terminal/bash. It is used with selenium library and chrome driver.Github Repo
nicasiaCar Game is desktop application made using python.(Pygame, Tkinter).Github Repo
nicasiaBookStore Application where you can see the list of books, their authors, cost, type & read sample.Github RepoCheck it live