Vijay Sehgal

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Hello, My name is Vijay Sehgal

Gurugram, India

Kurukshetra University

Python, Django, Rest Framework, RDBMS, etc

What I hope to do

My mission & passion as a developer is to contribute to applications that empower, motivate & bring change in lives of people. I believe that through code we can make the world a better place by building products. Yes, let's change the world together!

More About Myself

I am a Tech-Savvy person. On my free time, I read tech blogs, contribute to Quora, Medium, etc & take online courses in order to help me develop a growing mindset and become a better developer. I relish the thrill of learning new coding languages and sharing with others my insights. Throughout this journey, I have learnt to stay calm and be positive under pressure.

Some of the tech I like: